Lucky Virginia Father Hits The Jackpot! Becomes Millionaire Over Night!

Local Hampton Roads resident Brain Humphrey thought he’d try his luck and pick up a mega millions lottery ticket on his way home April 3rd 2017. And as luck would have it, he picked the winning numbers! He became an instant millionaire over night.

We we’re able to obtain this qoute from our newly obtained millionaire, ” This will change everything, I’ve been trying to find a way to help our local homeless people in need. I always give when I see someone in need, I’ve given my last $20 to my name so someone else could have a nice meal, I figured I’ve been blessed and can go without. Now I’ll have the means to really make a difference!”.

We would like to welcome Brian Humphrey to the millionaire club, if you’d like to congratulate and offer your kind support on Mr. Humphreys’ adventure in changin the lives of our less fortunate, you can reach him on his Facebook page, Brian A Humphrey.

Congratulations from all of us!