Macon woman beats her boyfriends ass for sneaking out the house to go to $3 Thursday at Sparks while she was sleep

In today’s new early Friday morning , Fang got a message on messenger stating that someone saw her “little dude” all in sparks cafe keeing Keeing and coo cooing with the little nappy heads hoes that live across the street from the bar in westminister apt.
Meanwhile his girlfriend is at the house resting up getting ready for yet another 16 hour shift. Unbeknownst to her that her “little dude” all in sparks having fun spending money on this them nappy heads when he can’t even spend money to pay the water bill or even help out his GF with any bills but will go hop in the shower after she falls asleep to go be a whore.. Fang is currently at work now but as soon as she gets off she is going home and snatching the “little dude ” out her bed and place him outside and lock him out.. stay tuned for live footage…..