Male (Gauge M. Keiller) violently beats other male for hitting a female.

Wednesday, 4/26/17 at approximately 8:00 p.m In Washington Indiana fellow town resident Gauge M. Keiller was out on an evenings walk until he had heard an unexplained frightening yell from a lady walking as well. He than ran towards the sound to stumble upon a man trying to kidnap & rape this woman. Mr. Keiller than explained that he simply handled the matter perfectly by knocking the guy out & then dropped him off at a queers front door step that way the man himself could be savagely raped & feel what he was about to do to the poor woman he had approached prior In the evening. The man was later caught by police by going door to door asking to suck dicks. Mr. Keiller & the woman are safe & sound & are also now fucking one another because of Mr. Keiller’s heroic gesture.