Man Buys Pelican, learns it was really a cockroach in disguise

AUGUSTA, MI–Bruce Bournay has always had a thing for pelicans. So he purchased one off Craigslist.
Or so he thought.
“I thought it was a bargain at $50. But something didn’t look right,” says Bournay, 60, a former Village Trustee who owns a porta potty rental business.
Seems this pelican turned out to be a cockroach. Covered in feathers.
“First thing I was supposed to do when I got home was put him in a kiddy pool and feed it Oreos”, said Bournay.
Facing what was an animal in distress, and not knowing what to do, Bournay called Binder Park Zoo in Battle Creek for advice.
“We were not amused,” said Brett Lindsey, curator.
“Several times a day, some knucklehead like Mr. Bournay calls is looking for free advice. Hearing it was a pelican, we sent out a couple of zookeepers to rescue the poor thing from this idiot.”
Zookeepers were astonished to see a feathered covered cockroach floating in the pool, alive.
“That was one helluva roach,” said the zookeeper, who wished to remain unidentified.
Asked what they did with the roach, they indicated they cleaned it off and released it to its natural habitat, one of the local restaurants.
As for Mr. Bournay, he’s out $50 bucks and suffers the embarrassment of the ordeal.
“Next time, I’ll ask for photos”.