Man notified after 20 yrs he recieved 1.2 million dollars in settlement filed yrs ago

20 yrs ago Raymond aikins jr was involved in a accident that left him several days in a wv hospital after a freak accident at a fire scene. . While fighting a fire in wv he was doing interior attack thru a garage. They make a good knockdown in the main body of fire and was in stages of mop up and overhaul. Unseen to him and his backup hose man there was a nice 220volt live meter built into the addition of thebgarage that was still heavily involved in fire . They got it with a z pattern. Next thing the interior crew has to be taken to local hospital for elctrocution. . Later workers comp files a lawsuit against homeowner for illegal building and code . .pain and suffering. Medical exspensive and damages. Mr aikins had moved out of wv and been unaware of the lawsuit and substantial settlement. He was notified by the state of wv. Today. When contacted he stated he was in shock. And unaware. He plans to pay off some bills and donate 30 thousand to his fiances local cat shelter for kitty season..but a new truck and invest .