Marlene Wins 5 Million in Lottery, Opens 5 Free Rehabs

Marlene Dublinsky won 5 million in the NJ State Lottery on April 27, 2017 and stated that she will build 5 addiction rehabilitation centers for each million. “Too many people can’t afford rehabs and it’s about time the indigent received help,” she said.
She reported that this was always a wish of her’s and now it can finally become a reality. Dublinsky believes she can have the rehabs built in about 3 months.
She plans to place the rehabs in Kensington, Newark, Trenton, Camden and Atlantic City. She explained that these are cities in great need.
Dublinsky also plans to hire the staff personally. She will be asking people that she knows who are in recovery. She also said that counselors will have an average salary of $80,000. “Sadly, addictions counselors are not paid what they are worth. I want them to feel appreciated,” she explained.