Maybe if he water his penis and give it sun it will grow

Brobeto innise is prob about 18 years of age .
Every inch counts a wise man said .
While having sex , his gf told him ” deeper daddy deeper” but all he had was a 6 inch LoLo.
One day Roberto was fedup of that bitch saying ” deeper” and he went seeking professional help .
He went by a Muslim !
The Muslim said ” use a pump ! It will ” blow it up .” Young Beto was afraid so he started to seek somewhere else !
Then he went by Christian .
The Christian said ” have a relationship with Jesus and ask him to grow an extra inch ”
That night Beto asked Jesus ” Jesus I want a relationship with you ”
Jesus replied ” nah fam I ain’t bout that life ”
Finally Beto turned to a Hindu
The Hindu said ” son , you water a flower , give it and sunlight it will grow , it’s the same you do for your penis ”
Later that day , Beto did what the Hindu said and for 3 days straight , he realize his penis size grew by 2cm.
Roberto continued to used that technique and for 3 weeks straight , his penis grew into 9 inch.
You see my friends ! Hinduism is the way of life , it teaches you how to grow your penis.
This was a true story !