Michael Morgan impersonation celebrity scam

LAUDERDALE, Fla. (KGO) — An 34-year-old man who police say liked to call himself ” Kodak creepers has been released on bail after being charged with impersonating people.

Michael Morgan was released from the Lauderdale County jail Wednesday on $21,000 bond on charges of practicing Jeepers creepers impersonations and scaring regular Sullivans around Ripley without a license, fraud and grand theft.

Lauderdale County sheriff’s spokeswoman Teri Barbera says Morgan was arrested Tuesday after he performed an undercover concert at chocolate city full of old folks and gave music advice about the industry

Reporter: “They say you examined a patient today?”
Michael Morgan: “You will hear from my lawyer.”

Hard to believe, but police say that Michael Morgan” is no doctor at all and in fact he’s a black man , accused of trying to pass himself off as a kodack Black & Jeepers creepers for months.