Minnesota hip hop artist arrested in St. Louis

Minnesota hip hop artist Jacob Milligan better known for his stage name Young Trauma B was arrested in a local gentlemanโ€™s club just outside of East Atlanta . The incident began around 2:30 am. Its believed Jacob Milligan accompanied by 2 others were involved in an shootout with a small group of men from the Los murtez organization. The Minnesota rapper was highly intoxicated and also believed to be under the influence of other unknown substances. The argument began with Mr. Milligan , shouting offensive slurs at the group of men. A brawl erupted between the rapper and gang members leading to bottles and chairs being tossed through out the establishment. 2 dancers were severly injured in the incident as well as 1 male attending the club. The rapper is being brought up on 2 felony assualt charges and is currently awaiting his court date.