Nicky Hunte caught selling Meat!

Nicky Hunte, a well known student at the University of the Southern Caribbean was caught this morning selling what was thought to be ‘meat substitutes’ at the popular university. However, upon further inspection, it was discovered that the newly self professed vegetarian was in fact selling corn beef under false pretense to the students on dorm. Meat is not allowed on the school’s campus as part of the upholding of the school’s moral code to be clean in body, mind and spirit. When the media attempted to interview Ms. Hunte as she was being led away, she shouted with shit flying from her ashy lips that it was inhumane for anyone to live a vegetarian lifestyle let alone vegan. She admitted to kidnappings her neighbor’s cow and grinding it to satisfy the popular craving since Brazil’s Corned Beef was not allowed into the country. ‘Its just not fair!’ She exclaimed, ‘KFC take away the real deal, corn beef barred from the shelf, the neighbor stop me from thiefing clothes off her line! Derek dead in Grey’s Anatomy! Is there anything good in the world anymore?!’ she cried. Charges were being laid up till news time as the neighbor caught her wearing her clothes again.