No More Kings Island?

After a recent interview with Kings Island manager Don Helbig, many believe that he may be closing the park. In the interview, Helbig stated that Cedar Fair (the owner of Kings Island) would like to attempt moving Kings Island to a different continent as a marketing technique. After we asked Helbig why the change was happening, he responded, “The Cedar Fair name needs to be spread, and we believe that moving overseas will bring people to our parks.” As of today, all Cedar Fair parks are in North America, and all (except for Canada’s Wonderland) are in the U.S, but that could change due to this marketing decision.
Our reporter questioned why Kings Island was picked. Helbig replied, “When Cedar Fair told me the idea of moving a park, I suggested Kings Island. We already have an Eiffel Tower, so there’s already some foreign ideas in our park. Also, Cedar Point is already in Ohio, and it’s the main park in our company. So why would we need a second park in Ohio?”
Helbig went on to say that it would be difficult to transfer over some of the roller coasters the park is famous for, like Banshee and Diamondback. Due to the sheer size and layout of some of these rides, not all can be transported over water. Old additions such as The Beast, Vortex, and Racer will not make it overseas. Supposedly, the park will hold an auction selling the parts of these rides to coaster enthusiasts.
Our reporter questioned Helbig on when the rides (and park) would be shut down, but he couldn’t give an exact date. “In 2019 or 2020, we’ll be closing the park permanently. By 2025, Kings Island will be across the world,” he stated.
Finally, we asked the Kings Island owner where the beloved park was heading, Helbig wouldn’t say. Although, he did tell us that he was taking French lessons. Kings Island may be moving to France!
So anyone who is a fan of Kings Island should hurry to the park before it’s too late. No further information on the subject has been released, but a link to the interview will be provided.

Link to the Interview