North Georgia Airport to allow drag racing on runway

Officials have voted to allow citizens of North Georgia and surrounding areas to drag race on their runway once a month starting Saturday, May 6th 2017 from 10am to 6pm. Authorities agreed that street racing in the North Georgia Area has become very popular and getting more dangerous as cars are getting more dangerous. After all options being taken into account and hearing all opinions from citizens, they have made it official to allow the runway to be used as a drag strip. Participants will have to pay a $20 entry fee and must have helmet. If you have no car then you may watch and pay a $5 entry fee. A local spokesperson said “its time we embrace the passion of the youth for being proud of what they have. And what better way to embrace it by having more revenue for the county.” Participants are also made to sign a waver stating that the event is it liable for accidents or injuries. It is an at-will event. Could this be a good thing or bad? Only time will tell but sports cars enthusiasts finally have their opportunity to legally get their rush. We will follow up with more information as we get it. Be safe!