North Sacramento teen arrested in F.B.I house raid.

Early this Thursday morning at around 5:30am FBI agents along with several Sacramento County Narcotic Task Force officers served a search warrant on a house located on the 2100 block of el camino avenue in the Arden Arcade community. The suspect in this case identified as 19 year old Rafael Figueroa was immediately arrested and taken into custody officials informed us. Inside the house several bundles of packaged marijuana ready for distribution were found alond with and AR-15 assualt rifle , a shotgun and two loaded pistols. Agents also siezed over 40 thousand dollars cash that were hidden inside a secret closet. We were not able to receive any further information as agents say this is an open case and there is believed to be more suspects. Figueroa is being held at the Sacramento County Jail with a bail of 450,000 thousand dollars.