Ohio Woman Jailed After Night Club Brawl

Fashionette Nicole Wright of 2612 North Avenue Bridgeport has been arrested after last night’s club brawl. On the night on April 27th around 11:00 pm a fight broke out in a local club.

Witnesses state that Wright and her fiancé were leaving the club when her fiancé was attacked by a group of women. Wright then pulled a small knife from her bag to back the women off her date. When the women started to back away Wright dropped the knife and began to punch several women in the face.

One of the women was knocked out while the other two began to fight Wright together. Another witness stated Wrights fiancé grabbed a woman by her hair and threw her to the opposite end of the bar as Wright focused in on her opponent.

After minutes of fighting the two ran from the club. The two were later apprehended and Fashionette was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, disorderly conduct, assault 1.

Wright was released on 50,000 bail.