Outlaw Motorcycle Gang Sin City Deciples member Akeem White arrested after talking about an over weight police officer.

Tuesday afternoon Officer McGuire pulled over Akeem White, a member of the 1 percent outlaw motorcycle gang Sin city Deciples on a regular routine traffic stop. As Officer McGuire walked up along side Akeem’s motorcycle and asked “why was he going so fast?” Akeem responded immediately with obscene language. “Hey f**k yo big white B.B King looking a**, I’m tryna get to dunkin donuts before yo fat a** get there. Ni**a why the f**k yo belt got stretch marks? Ni**a reaching in a different area code grabbing for that strap. You the only cop in the world that CAN’T have a partner, Fat a** turned the Car into a One Seater. & Yo Badge look small asf sitting on that big bookbag looking a** Pocket. Youuuuuu have the right to remain Hungry ! Save everybody else some food .. Had the nerve to ask me why am I going so fast ! You just mad yo fat a** can’t go fast with all dat weight innat little a** impala !!” After countless more minutes of this going on and him laughing in my face. I finally told him “Get The F**k Out The Car !” i list my temper & He still kept going. As he was getting off his motorcycle he said “You see how I just got out my bike with my hands up?” I replied “yes” he then said “alright now lets see you try the shit BIG’ems!” Then he jiggled my chest & started singing Drake “Controoooolaaaaaaa .. Control It !” I cried on our way to the station. I’ll never ask someone that question ever again.