Pending world record Typical whitetail killed by Louisiana hunter in Lafayette Parish

Local crawfisherman T-Boy Guidry while running his crawfish traps noticed a big body deer with his head stuck in one of his traps. Before T-Boy realized it wasn’t deer season, his heard his second cousin Pototo Gravey Mouton shout, “Choot it T-Boy, Choot it.” T- Boy Guidry was quoted today by the Daily Advertiser as saying, “dats just what I did, I chooted it” T-Boy was arrested in the dollar general parking lot where he stopped to pick up Zip lok bags and a set of ginzu knives. We are being told the district attorney in Lafayette parish is expected to drop all charges once T-Boy agrees to cater a crawfish boil for the local police and sheriff deptments. The wildlife and fishery division will also be invited. The deer will be mounted and the head will be on display at the Breaux Bridge crawfish and Rayne frog festivals. The deer is expected to score over 280 inches typical.