Pierre Native Faces Deportation

A local Pierre resident by the name Mark Abernathy, a 25 yr old male, was recently convicted of illegal immigration this past week, amidst an investigation by the ICE agency. Authorities received an anonymous tip from local residents, stating having seen Mark, roaming the streets at night, chasing wild animals. A neighbor, after calling the local PD, spoke with KEVN news and gave this grueling testimony.

“I was outside, minding my own business, watering them taters, and out of nowhere I see this guy, with his hands raised in the air, screaming at the top of his lungs, chasing some dog,” resident said. “Then, once he tackled it, I realized it wasn’t a dog at all!! It was a small midget woman!!!” He neglected to comment further.

The next day, an elderly woman, stated seeing Mr. Mark Abernathy, coming up from the river, wearing “flops” and sunglasses, sporting nothing but his bathing suit. While she was appalled, this resident seemed somewhat elated, according to our top reporter.

Mr. Abernathy, will be held on charges pending his deportation back to Mexico. Please visit our website for updates and further news regarding this case.

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