Police on lookout for armed robbery suspects

A Pennsylvania couple is allegedly robbing its way across the northeast with the FBI and US Marshals hot on its heels, AL.com reports. “I guess they see themselves as some kind of modern-day Bonnie and Clyde,” one Missouri lawman says. The crime spree may have started as early as Jan. 22, when Randy Bernhard and Kimberly Bernhard are suspected of stealing guns from a Pennsylvania doctor’s home. Four days later, they allegedly stole a car, using it to lead a police chase two days after that. According to ABC News, the couple is suspected of robbing a hotel and taking the clerk hostage on Sunday. Later that day, they allegedly tried to carjack the manager of a McDonald’s before stealing another car and kidnapping its owner, ultimately dropping her off at a hospital. Those three crimes took place across a 60-mile stretch of Pennsylvania, Fox News reports.