Pomme De Terre Lake To Be Closed

Its been decided with the huge die off of many fish and loss of vegetation the past two years that Pomme De Terre Lake should be quarantined until further notice. This means no fishing, hunting or recreational boating. Recently there have been many sightings of thousands of dead fish along the shores of the lake. Others reported seeing hundreds of fish acting β€œcrazy” with ugly lesions on them. Last year there was massive kill off of vegetation on the lake. Many avid anglers reported that all Hydrilla verticillata and Ceratophyllum demersum have mysteriously died and now fish are dying. Both of these situations are causing many to question the source of the catastrophes. Also, it was reported by Richard Bowlings that he has only been able to be on the lake one day this year and he will be able to fish this Friday and Saturday and would prefer the lake not be crowded. Those are the facts, so be sure to pass this info on to your friends.