Psycho wife charged with the murder of her husband

Saturday morning the police were notified of shots being fired behind the Smith residence off hwy A.K.
When the police show up they see Mrs. Smith standing outside the home covered in blood, laughing. Sheriff Sanders of Franklin county Missouri reports that the body of Clayton Kyle Smith, 34, had been repeatedly shot in the chest by a 350 mag. The coroner’s report is said that the incident occurred around 5:36 a.m, that morning.
Taken into custody, Mrs. Smith was asked what the motive was for killing her husband. In our reports she indicated that “if she couldn’t get his time, no one would. ” also followed behind with a statement, ” No man’s job should be more important than his family. ”
Mrs. Smith continued to laugh during her sentence of murder in the first degree followed by 3 life sentences and no parole. “One more criminal off the streets is all we can ask for” proclaimed sheriff Sanders.

More info on the Franklin county’s court hearings page at www. Ha ha ha. Com !!