Rapper From The “Migos” Plays A Song From His Un-Signed Cousin “Blakavelli” & Crowd Goes Crazy!

Popular rap group “Migos” who are popularly knows for hit records as “Versace” “Bad & Boujee” & many others, has taken a rather unusual approach to their performance as they jumped around on stage for what seemed to be a usual night. Then in between songs, they talked to the DJ and seemed to have something up their sleeves. “Ima ima get my city poppin” echoes through the stadium as the fans listen curiously. What happened next is something you would of had to be there to truly experience. The world learned about an undiscovered talent no other than “Blakavelli” himself. The internet went into an uproar as many couldnt believe the “Migos” had been keeping this a secret the whole time.