Rasheika Ellinger facing 15 years

22 year old wife and mother, Rasheika Ellinger was arrested in the early morning of April 28, 2017 at approximately 3:07am. Officials say she attempted to stab a man to death in a room at the Old Hickory Inn in Jackson, Tennessee. She was said to have been “ramming” into cars in the parking lot, and windows of the hotel before a man opened his room door and threatened to call the police. Witnesses say at this moment she screamed “f–k you!”, and charged the man head on causing him to fall backwards into his room. She then bit his nose and stabbed him in the chest 4 times with a switch knife she had in her back pocket. Officers arrived minutes after to find her crying over the body repeatedly saying “I didn’t mean to. I couldn’t help it.” Her charges are attempted murder in the first degree, aggravated assault, disturbing the peace. No further information has been given on the case at this time