Rescued Treasure

On yesterday I took my normal route home from work. After returning home I decided to leave and pick up something for dinner. As I was traveling I chose to eat at a local establishment. As I was exiting my vehicle an older couple passed near me and I noticed the gentleman dropped an envelope. I quickly picked up the envelope and attempted to return to the owner. As I approached the gentleman I advised that he dropped his package and I wanted to return it back. To my surprise the gentleman was the CEO of a major company and was so overwhelmed by my actions, that he advised me that he would be honored to extend his gratitude. To my surprise he invited me to dinner with his wife and advised me to take his card and he would arrange for me to meet with him at his office next week once he returns from a business trip. I was so speechless his wife had to continuously ask if I was okay. He asked me about my life and what I wanted to accomplish in the next five years. I advised him of my current status of going back to school to obtain a BA. I also stated that I would like to open a business that would service the community. Upon finishing up our meal the gentleman advised he wanted to bless me immediately then he handed me a check with a figure that was beyond my wildest dreams. In closing he advised to make sure I contact his office for additional information to meet with him next week.