Ronaldo Weston was charged for steal coconut from a Mr.Bob tree

2:47 pm Eastern Time a well known citizen of Aripero by the name Eric Bob reported a malnourished boy of the name Ronaldo Weston stealing coconuts from his barring tree. As he states ” Da fuckin skinny ugly smelly looking mc always trying to thief fuckin coconut from muh fuckin tree! This is not the first time! I have warned his aids lookin mc to stop but he will not listen!” Mr. Bob had his last and reported Mr. Weston, form 4 student of a school in Point Fortin, to the Siparia police station where he is currently being held. Ronaldo Weston has been granted bail but his parents refused to pay it due to dislike to their son. Ronaldo Weston court case will be 14th June 2017