Schenectady Pimp Arrested Last Night

Carlos Hemenegildo Jr , 39, was arrested last night on Pimp Charges. Police witnessed Mr. Hemenegildo Jr Assaulting an unidentifed Woman, on the corner of Brandywine and Albany Street. Upon arrival, officers heard Mr. Hemenegildo Jr screaming out “Woman, where’s my money?” Once Mr. Hemenegildo Jr noticed Police, a foot chase started but Mr. Hemenegildo Jr pushed one of the females that was also in the area in front of the pursuing Officers, allowing Mr. Hemenegildo Jr. Escape. Mr. Hemenegildo Jr was last scene smacking a Hometwon Health employee in the face and screaming out “The World Is Mine!” As he jumped into the employees vehicle heading towards 890 East. Police say Mr. Hemenegildo Jr was scene throwing out baby powder from the car window. Officers and helicopters are out now searching for him.