Science finds proof of alien life!

Gabe Fremont, head scientist on the controversial Genesis Project made a startling announcement this week:
“We’ve found actual biological proof of extraterrestrial life!”
His crew, consisting of 42 trained biologists, astrophysicists, chemists, and other science people found the proof on the internet.
“We just typed “alien” into Google, and suddenly there were all these pictures” Gabe beamed. “I’m not sure why no one thought to do that before. We’ve looked closely at the photos with our science tools, and carefully read all the accounts of abductions and sightings. We can’t see any way around this staggering mountain of evidence. Aliens exist!”
Gabe’s crew is still speculative about what the aliens look like, and where they come from exactly. The most likely theory is that they live in Utah, where they blend in with the Mormons. Gabe promised to fill us in if they find any more useful information on Google.