Shark Caught from Shore of Indiana’s River

The ohio river separates Indiana and Kentucky. Due to the depths of the unknown, fishermen reel in anything from a small fish to a random car part but no one could have predicted what Vic Young on that sunny day in April.

It was getting late in the day but a few hours of sunlight still shining on the banks of the Ohio river in Tobinsport, indiana, when Vic and his granddaughter set out for a fishing trip down the road from their homestead. Vic always joked that there were fish as big as cars in the river but he never seen anything close to that until April 1st, 2017.

He had rigged his fishing pole with thick nylon line and metal leads as a precaution. “You never know when you are going to hook the really big one.” Today was his day. Not only was it his birthday but it was the day that he would catch the big one. He baited up his poles and tossed the them in and had to only wait a few short minutes when something took the line of his pole nearly to the end. He new it had to be the big one since it just ran with the line and didn’t stop until I fought back. He was excited to continue with his story. He said he fought the fish for nearly 2 hours and only catching glimpses of a white belly. The fish grew closer to the bank and Vic knew this wasn’t any ordinary fish since he had been fishing the Ohio river since he was big enough to hold a pole.

He almost lost his catch when the line tangled around a downed tree just 4 feet off the shore. Vic wade out freeing his line and finally getting a glimpse of this fish. He thought there was no way. He must be suffering from fatigue and hasn’t seen it right. After a few more minutes, Vic was able to bring his catch to the shore. He still couldn’t believe his eyes. It was a 4 foot long great white shark. It was alive and well in the Ohio river. We are far away from the ocean, so how could this be?

This didn’t happen but it could. Don’t believe everything you read..