Dude started wildin about 6:45 p.m. in Delaware. First he started undressing while chanting “making my way down town walking fast pacing fast and I’m home bound duh nah nah nah nah duh nah nah nah”. Then he just started tripping out and beat 30 old ladies up. A witness from the scene said “he was jabbing them old heads(ladies) like trey did them kids off don’t be a menace, it started off the lady wouldn’t share her oxygen tank with the young boy so he walked off, said fuck that bitch and came back and rocked her shit #shitgotreal”. We thought it was over until her church members known as b.h.n. (big hats or nothing) came up with canes and bats while he was smoking a lucy fucking with some bitches and started talking shit to him. After that #shitgotreal again, it looked like a scene from john wick 2(nobody died tho) if you have any information regaurding the where-abouts of mr.wright

please call 1800 if you read this smoke a blunt I’m bullshitting ctfu