Star Wars Sequel to Film in Virginia Beach, VA

In a just announced press release, Disney Studios has announced its next Star Wars movie sequel will shoot a large portion of its scenes in coastal city Virginia Beach, VA.

The sequel, preliminary titled, “Sea Quell – A Star Wars Saga” will bring famed Director, Martin Scorsese to town for several months this fall, along with famous actor, Mark Hamill, reprising his iconic role as Luke Skywalker.

Scorsese said, “I always wanted to Direct a Star Wars movie and visit VB at the same time. Now I get to do both.”

He also did not deny that there is a newly created role for Leonardo DiCaprio. DiCaprio, famous for his good looks a bevy of beautiful girlfriends, was captured by TMZ quoting, “I am super excited. Star Wars is my favorite of all time and the VB chicks are hot AND slutty.”

Disney advised they would also create a role for a local resident to showcase.

Stay tuned for more details!