Starwars Marathons, Weed Comas found to improve lifespan

In a groundbreaking study released by the Joint 303/518 Academic group, it was found the combination of weed-comas and StarWars Marathons not only improved lifespans amongst participants, but each member of the study also became more awesome and was genuinely happier than other members of the study.

The study found that watching the Original Starwars trilogy and using a small, cute bong resulted in laughter, happiness and more smiles than those that had to listen to Nickelback for 24 hours straight.

“We were amazed” said Dr David Skywalker (no relation to Luke). “We expected the participants to enjoy Starwars, but we didnt realize that the addition of the weed come made everything more incredible in their lives!”

Dr Skywalker also noted that while the combination of these things resulted in massive happiness, it was only overshadowed by petting an adorable bulldog.