Teen wanted for killing a police officer

This morning on april 28 , 2017 at 4 Am 17 year old Jahkin Genius also known as “Issa Kinz” on facebook broke in a house in Riverview PI Apartments in Jonesboro. Police were called as Jahkin Genius broke in and stole multiple devices such as ipads , iphones , and games consoles . When the police arrived Laquisha saw Jahkin Genius run out of the apartment and shoot the police 3 times in the chest before he got in his car and drove away. Today at 7:03 Roger Rembly is pronounced dead! The family of the apartment saw his face but couldnt give brief details about what he looks like , although the son of the mother Laquisha Sims recongnized him from facebook and was able to give us info on what this teen looks like. Jahkin Genius was driving a white ford mustang with an unmarked tag .. if you see a car such as this please call 911 Reward $5,000