This Woman Took The FRIENDZONE Too Far

Apparently caught up in her lies and trickery, a woman in her twenties went too far and is now in critical condition in Hartford Hospital. Jessiee Kozikis of Suffield, CT was found washed up on the CT River shoreline late this evening. She was found barely clinging to life but was rescued when an African American gentleman of E. Windsor happened to be heading to his favorite fishing spot when he caught a glimpse of her in the moonlight. He performed mouth to mouth and CPR and was able to keep her alive until the paramedics arrived. Updates on her condition will be released at a press conference tomorrow morning.

At this time, it is believed that Brian Haxton of Windsor, CT is the prime suspect. He was taken in to custody around 21:00 outside of his apartment in Windsor. Screaming and obscenities could be heard targeting the young victim as he was placed in to the police cruiser. He was apparently belligerent and upset that she had taken so much advantage of him and he had received nothing in return.

Brian Haxton will be arraigned in Hartford Superior Court Friday morning. His bail has been set at $450,000.