Trump To Visit Morocco In His First International Visit As 45th President.

The White House announced today that President Trump will be cancelling his scheduled May 24th visit to Belgium, a trip which represents a milestone in the new administration partnership with the European allies. Trump – a lifelong critic of NATO will not be delivering the much anticipated speech to the 28th North Atlantic Treaty Organization Summit. Instead Trump will be making a stop in Morocco, a nation with a Muslim majority and a symbol of modern religious values and interfaith harmony.
White House Press release indicated that Morocco was chosen because “it is a country that in many ways represents the heart of the Arab world.” Morocco is considered a key player in the global fight against terrorism and a model for peace and stability in the Muslim world and a major partner to the U.S. in intelligence sharing as well as a major recipient of American military and economic aid. Trump’s main theme in his address is to attempt to mend his administration relations with Muslims all over the world, which are viewed as severely damaged during his presedency and throughout his election campaign. Morocco’s ruler and head of government King Mohamed VI is expected to not be part of the official welcoming party as he’s spotted vacationing in the Northern Moroccan coast together with close members of the royal family where he’s expected to continue through the summer. Trump also stated that he’s looking forward to a strong and renewed friendship with Morocco and he’s willing to ignore King Mohamed’s campaign contributions to his election rival Secretaray Clinton. Wikileaks papers revealed that the Moroccan Monarch funneled over $20 Million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in return of a favorable resolution to the Morocco-Western Sahara U.N. Security Counsil dossier also referred to as MINURSO. This southern territory is considered to be a continued occupation by Morocco and remains in dispute. Moroccans everywhere, especially those members of a popular Facebook group named MFC– a virtual Moroccan Friendship Club– are cheering Mr. Trump and find personal pride and validation in his choice of Arab and Muslim nations to make his address to the world.