Walt Disney World Marijuana ban a hoax!!!

At 4:20 P.M. Wednesday 4/26/2017, a spokesman (Disney C.F.O. Robert Itschner) for the food and beverage services at Disney corporate offices has stated the alleged ban on Marijuana products was a bogus news story leaked by Buccaneer Bay state park employees of Weeki Wachee FL. The mermaids of Buccaneer Bay have been the #1 Marijuana whole sellers in the state through FY2016. Disney World Orlando has recently implemented a family friendly smoke and chill area just south of the Little Mermaid exhibit. Featuring several giant hookahs shaped as the octopus witch Ursula, it is receiving rave reviews from customers.
However it now appears Buccaneer Bay has been trending toward weekly losses of attendance and subsequently revenue. Their major revenue source being Nacho cheese Doritos sales, have been plummeting. This appears to be the motive that has prompted the false news reports of Disney’s ban on Marijuana products.