***WARNING*** Disturbing Content**Readers Strongly Cautioned**

In the early Months of August, a beloved breed of dog known as a Boxer puppers, with the name of Bella, has seen some terrible things in her family home. It started when her owner, known only to Bella as, “Momzz” moved in to her current home. Reports of laundry baskets, moving boxes, and her water dish too close to the fridge has seemingly given the pupper a frighten. Bella, who was once carefree playing with her babies, is now just a big pile of scaredy cat business. Bella has claimed in a recent interview, “my babies don’t squeak like they used to.” “My water and food dishes are too close between the fridge and table, making me stand there, staring off into the distance to make sure they don’t come to life and give me another frighten.” More on this story on the 12:00 News channel DOGZ.