Wife of Pinson’s Mayor Arrested for Misuse of Church Property

Cande Sanders, wife of Pinson Mayor Hoyt Sanders, was arrested at her home, Wednesday afternoon, April 26. She was charged with fraudulent use of church property. Stemming from an investigation spanning approximately 18 months, she is accused of making color copies at First Baptist Church Pinson and charging them to the wrong account, and charged with using colored paper instead of white paper. “Cande has been under investigation for some time,” according to Jefferson County Deputy Sherriff Scott Sanders. “Mrs. Sanders has been witnessed multiple times by multiple people doing this. We had to act quickly and swiftly to set a precedent that this behavior is not acceptable.” When asked by reporters on the scene if the charges were true, Mrs. Sanders responded with “I am the mayors wife, I have immunity.” David Awtrey, pastor of First Baptist Church Pinson, still has not responded to requests for an interview. If convicted, the maximum sentence is 6 months hard labor to be chosen by the accuser, First Baptist Church Pinson.