Woman Accused Of Breaking Into Homes And Tickling B*ttholes

Bakersfield, CA – Erika DeLeon, also known as the “B**ty Tickler,” is on the run in Kern County. DeLeon had been breaking into homes in the Kern County area for over 3 months, tickling her victims butts while they slept. She targeted more than a dozen people before she was captured on surveillance video.

The most shocking thing to investigators is the fact that DeLeon is pictured as a child of god, yet commits such heinous crimes against the people of Bakersfield. Reports first indicated that she was armed, but that is not the case.

The victims of this crime tell police they live in fear every evening, sleeping on their backs for safety, hoping the “Booty Tickler” will not come back for more. Another victim said he had been sleeping in dirty adult diapers for the last 2 months, hoping to scare away any possible future attacks. “Every night I sleep in these filthy, stinky diapers just to stay safe,” said one victim who asked to remain anonymous.

Police say they were able to identify DeLeon and confirm her involvement by neighborhood surveillance and are asking the plubic to look your doors and windows.