Women over 140 Pounds will soon be required by Governemnt to track their eating habits.

The United States Government has reopened a proposition that would allow them to track and monitor Women’s eating habits, that are 140 Pounds or more. In an interview in 2011, now former health and food coordinator for the United States Muuuhooood, Tali, Epsta said “women are getting too out of hand with their eating habits.” “They truly don’t care and it’s sad because America is looked at and laughed at all over the world for obese, especially with women.” In a interview in February Muu was interviewed again and said he hopes Presidnet Trump makes this a legit issue. “I hope President Trump will realize this and put something into play that’ll help out the health of Fat Women.”

Trump said he is going to look into this, and so anything he came to help Women or even Men lose weight and have a healthier life.

“Muu is right.” President Trump said last week in an interview at the White House. “After North Korea shuts their Pathetic mouths, we will work on Health issues for this country.”