Women wanted by FBI…considered armed and dangerous

A local Schenectady women has flown to the top of the FBIs most wanted list. Mary LaBombard, a Schenectady native, is wanted for allegedly hacking the White house database and other top secret programs, all while “trying to send the president a nude photo”. Mrs. LaBombard claims she is just technology ignorant and meant no harm. However FBI feels she may have been an accomplice in the “hack heard round the world” and she is either working with the Clinton Administration or is working with the infamous hackers known as Anonymous. The FBI is not buying the “I didn’t know” defense. If she is spotted please call local PD. Please do not approach..she is known to throw herself on the ground and cry like a 2 year old (which is rather embarrassing for her…but funny for everyone else). More at 10 pm.