Young Airman gives up life in Severe Accident

Overnight, on April 27th, at approximately 1:47 am, Airman First Class Lucas Sparks of the U.S. Air Force, was involved in an severe accident involving multiple others. In an unfortunate series of events, while the aircrew were jacking the airplane one of the jacks gave way and caused the airplane to pivot forward and fall of two other jacks as well. Sparks saved the life of another airman working besides him by pushing him out of the way moments before falling onto him. Unfortunately, he was trapped under the nose of the airplane, killing him upon impact. Lieutenant Colonel Kosinski, the commander of the 62nd Squadron, where A1C Sparks worked, made this statement, “The Air Force suffered a great loss last night, it’s airman like Sparks that makes a change in the way we are today. This tragedy will cut truly deep.” According to Lt. Col. Kosinski, many investigations are going to take place to find out exactly how this travesty transpired . The total cost of damage was upwards of $2 Million dollars, but nothing compares to the cost of a life. An honoring of his passing is going to take place on Monday, May 1st. However, this was all a joke. I’m so sorry pls don’t kill omfg !!