Young Belizean wanted in the U.S. for 3 counts of armed bank robbery

A young Belize man was detained by INTERPOL on Wednesday, April 26th. Mr. Gildon Belisle has been on the FBI’s top 50 wanted list for the past 2 years, after surveillance cameras recorded him and 2 other armed assailants rob a bank in East Rutherford New Jersey. After initial checks it was uncovered that Mr. Belisle and his duo of bank robbers have robbed two other banks in the area, one being a Wells Fargo and the other two being Banks of America. Initial investigations revealed that Mr. Belisle was armed with a high powered machine gun and his other companions armed with hand guns particularly believed to be P2-30’s. Mr. Belisle is currently on his way to a federal prison in the US where he currently awaits trial. INTERPOL with the assistance of the FBI are currently searching for the other 2 participants in this robbery, believed to be US citizens.

Any information leading to the arrest of the other 2 assailants would be very helpful, call the crime stoppers Belize hotline 0-800-922-8477