Young Man Trumps Trump and Saves USA

For only the second time in American history, a US president resigned due to corruption, but this time thanks to a young man. Yesterday, Matthew Kowal, 26 of Amityville, New York who resides in Easton, Pennsylvania had been under psychiatric torture from former president Donald Trump and brought his issue to the forefront after trying to take his life and having it filmed mentioning him in the video. Matthew, who suffers from the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome was released from the hospital after treatment 5 days later. After arriving home he said,”The mental and psychiatric distress that our so-called leader has put on myself and others is unacceptable and there is no arguing that several people like me have lost their lives by suicide. In my eyes he is responsible for involuntary first degree murder or for every suicide caused by his emotional abuse tactics.” His doctors took this into consideration as grounds for investigation, and for the FBI and CIA they took the case to get a warrant for his arrest. As a bonus, Matthew was the one who put the handcuffs around his wrists along with the major agencies arresting every member of the administration. The former leader’s arrest also revealed and gave grounds to the release and confirmation of collusion with a foreign government with his administration along with House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who were all sentenced to life at Leavenworth in Kansas.”I don’t want to be called a national hero, he said, what I did was for the well-being of our nation’s fabric, and saving it from tyranny, I just couldn’t take it anymore and this is not the country we were educated about in school, and I hope that we never have to go this again.” In response, the Capitol has written up proposed amendments that will close up any loopholes, and prevent something such as a Trump presidency and inefficient congress from ever occurring again. The proposals are being met with positive reception and has gained support from both sides. Kowal will travel to DC to be one of the co-signers to the new bills. As for Matt on life all he said was,”I’ve made a full recovery, no damage to my body was done, I hope I have brought closure to those who suffered, and live life as long as God wants me to.”