Amarillo’s intimidate Ringwood locals

An escaped fez of Amarillo’s have plagued a number of locals in the New Forest town of Ringwood.

Police 101 were called on at least seven separate occasions and initally it was believed this story was a hoax. However as the news hit the NewForestCops Twitter feed, and more reports were made, it was clear the incident might have some merit.

When Lisa Histie came forward, everything became clear. She said “we’ve had a pet Aramdillo now for at least 20 years, it was just a quirk of my dad’s. Strangely, about 15 years ago one did temporarily escape! But no-one ever noticed thankfully. But as time went on, we thought it was unfair to have a lonely pet and bought one each. However we were away for the weekend and somehow their pen became damaged and they all escaped.”

Lisa Histie and her family came together to try to capture the pets themselves hoping the Armadillo’s wouldn’t have got too far, due to being rarely outside the grounds of the family home. As the reports came in, however, they decided to contact the police and local animal shelters for help.

Thankfully all but one have been found and returned. So anyone with any news, or if they see a red Armadillo in Longwood, are urged to tweet with the hashtag #RingwoodArmadillo and the location. Thanks to the hashtag technology, this will be immediately available to Lisa Histie and her family.