Be careful the next time you grab your door handle. There might be a gross surprise for you. ——and we’re not talking bugs!!!

A black man Troy Anthony, from Phoenix, who just turned 48, has been found to be the perpetrator of serial defecation on people’s property. The brown finger bandit as he is better known, has been purposefully defecating on people’s property, smear it on doors and windows. When he’s not consuming his anthers feces, he’s also have known to throw it animals, place it drinking wells as well as pools. In 2015, the city of Glendale had to drain their main water storage tank for public consumption because Anthony contaminated the water by throwing human and dog feces into the tank. Anthony, was rently spotted near May 18, in the yard of St.Vincent’s, a nonprofit organization that helps the homeless and low income. He was rummaging through the dumpsters looking for food, and as it turns out looking for discarded porn and women’s clothing items. When confronted by the Father Johnson and Sister Torily, he spat at them and told them to burn in hell, while making sexual gestures to the nun. SIster Torily responded after questions by FOX 15’s, Jasper Monroe, “We were going to help me but after the spit and feces strewn about, I used my better judgement. The police were promptly called and Anthony was apprehended. Sgt Thomas, says “this guy is gross, we’ve been on his trail” “we have his DNA from the poop, but we couldn’t match to anyone in the database. Well I pretty sure that we’ve got the guy now.” Residents all over Phoenix, can breathe a sigh a relief, now that the “Brown finger bandit” has been caught.