Beware of The “Shmanos”

The CDC has sent out an alert that there is a rare case of the “Shmanos” going around , there is no vaccine needed only thing that is recommended is get sum rest as the. “Shmanos” is highly contagious this is the first person to contact the “Shmanos” he showed symptoms of being really angry and severely moody due to a case of the “Shmanos” and if you have been in contact with him please see a physician as soon as possible and also no driving because the “Shmanos” causes road rage . one woman reported this man as he was severly hostile due to the. “Shmanos” the CDC is looking into the Shmanos and trying to contain it as the summer is coming up real quick every one beware and remember to wash ur hands
Symptoms of the Shmanos
-severe tiredness
-road raging
-uncontrolled yawning
-loud snoring
If you contact the shmanos please contact the CDC