billy saunders remembers he is a man and beds a woman

Billy saunders the once prolific tranny shagger has remembered he is actually straight and thought he would like to try a woman (without the tackle)
in a statement by a hooker ( Gwendalin Gobblemedown) she said he confided in her that he remembered his roots and wanted to feel a real woman and not a sissy with a sausage.
Gwen couldn’t believe so she happily obliged and let him in to her woman cave. where the pleasure ensued .
We contacted Mr Saunders and this is what he said,. “wow after all these years of playing hide the sausage, I finally remembered what it is all about. She laid on the bed , opened her legs and I said ” WOW look at the size of that pussy, WOW look at the size of that fanny” with which she replied “ok no need to say it twice”… I said ” I didn’t that was the echo”
Billy says he wont go back to pork sword battling but we think that its a hard battle and wish him all the best in his struggle for normaldom.