British Vicar Joins ISIS

Chris Lord (42) has been identified as the individual sought by Interpol as the latest UK resident to join ISIS. Having evaded capture for unrelated sex crimes Mr Lord, formerly of Ashford, Kent has moved to Syria having stopped off for 3 weeks in Doha.

Lord, a part-time C of E vicar recently worked for a British railway company. Leaving in April 2017 he was said to have become disenfranchised with his faith and wanted to take a helicopter view of the world and push the envelope of his new found religious belief.

Friends of Lord were shocked on the news of his departure saying, “we’d often see Chris riding down to his favourite cafe Alan’s Snack Bar in Ashford on his trusty bike, but we never imagined he would convert to ISIS”. Prior to being a vicar Mr Lord was a practising rabbi at the Avery a Temple in Golders Green.

Police are following leads to try and locate Mr Lord before he does anything stupid.