Doge, YAY or nay?

Doge, a classic dog. It was all the rage in 2013. However now, four years later, the great doge seems to have lost it’s colorful letters. Why is that so? We decided to talk to an expert.

Interviewer: Dogey, why do you think doge has been losing popularity?
Dogey: Well, that, Mark, was a good question. I’ve been trying to go with doge until the end, but other dogs and/or memes have been getting in the way. Business is going terrible and the Great Doge is fading.
Interviewer: Interesting. Let’s say that you had to give your place to another dog. Which one would it be?
Dogey: Definitely not Moon Moon. He’s a jerk. You know what he gave me for our 6 month wedding anniversary? A Swiffer! How dare he? Anyways, probably the Samoyed dog. They’re very fluffy.
Interviewer: Finally, do you have any message for our fellow readers?
Dogey: Go back to the classics! Go back to Doge!

As you can see, Dogey seems quite desperate. Are we willing to give doge a chance or will it perish by the hand of other dogs? You can decide.