Enfield man wins £7.8m on National Lottery

One lucky Man has just discovered he is the winner of a huge £7.8m lottery jackpot after checking a ticket he purchased 3 months ago.
Daymian Linsey of Enfield, North London bought his lucky ticket in February 2017 and stuck it to his fridge with a magnet which was then placed in a kitchen cupboard and forgotten about. It was only when going through some paperwork that Mr Linsey discovered the ticket and checked it only to realise he had been sitting on a fortune.
“I couldn’t believe it, all this time I’ve been a millionaire are without realising!” He continued “Im going to use the money to invest in a company that makes sky hooks, glass hammers and long waits…and obviously take my family on a nice holiday – I hear the Sea Of Tranquility is nice this time of year. Also, I’ve always wanted a convertible submarine with window wipers.”