Hunt is on for Rochdale Ripper

Police are on the hunt tonight as they have revealed the body of 27 year old Sophie McManus was found by a dog walker in Springfield park early on Thursday morning. Sophie had been out celebrating her acceptance into Cambridge University on Wednesday night when she got seperated from friends. CCTV footage shows Miss. McManus leaving with a bearded, white man thought to be in his early 30s wearing a green, ASDA uniform. Police have been busy conducting interviews with supermarket staff although Detective Inspector John Micheals tonight made it clear that he was ‘not sure if the man was a suspect’ but would ‘strongly urge’ him to come forward and talk about what happened that night. ASDA’s head office have released a statement saying they are ‘cooperating fully’ with the police.

It has been almost 9 weeks since the body of Jennifer Turner was found locally, police have denied any link between the two murders but social media is ablaze with locals calling the killer the Rochdale Ripper.